Getting Max Results in Minimal Workout Time

Finding time to workout is always one of our biggest challenges. This is why it is key to select FUNCTIONAL, multi-plane, multi-joint exercises and incorporate these with bursts of cardio when only working out 3-4x/week. Examples of great exercises would be a forward lunge combined with an overhead press, a push-up with a mountain climber worked in, or a woodchopper with a dumbbell. This will take care of our musculoskeletal system. But challenging our cardiovascular system with bursts of intense cardio will ensure that our heart and lungs are in good shape too. This will improve metabolism, body composition and maybe surprisingly-endurance as well. And after all, our heart and lungs are the most important muscles we have. Without them we couldn’t use the conscious efforts of our brain to think about reasons we should or should not workout… 🙂


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