Taking an Active Role in Your Therapy

Time and time again I encounter clients who have been willingly participating in various therapies to alleviate pain and correct a physical pathology causing said pain. The problem in many of these cases is that the client continues to see a practitioner without always understanding the underlying problem.

This is why it is this Athletic Therapist’s opinion that our most important role as a physical health practitioner is to educate the client on what is happening with that individual’s body. So what you need to do as a client is to ask your physical health practitioner(s): “What can I do for myself to help my body heal?”. In many cases one can continue to attend therapy appointment after therapy appointment, but unless an individual takes an active role in their healing, this person will continue to need these appointments and ‘corrections’ of the body.

An analogy put forth to me by a colleague and osteopathic student is the following. The body is like an electrical circuit and the spine is like the panel. You may have your osteopath, your chiropractor, your physiotherapist, your athletic therapist, etc. do mobilizations to ‘re-set’ the ‘breakers’ or the spinal segments in this electrical panel. But continuing to do so without addressing the problems in the circuit (the body) will eventually wear that breaker down and cause the whole system to set fire. I.e. pain and dysfunction.

The take home message: find out what you can do for yourself to correct the faults in the system such that what your health practitioner does for you will maintain and you will move better and feel better 🙂


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