The ‘Dead Bug’


The Dead Bug: A great Beginner-Intermediate Core Exercise

Start: Begin by lying on your back with belly button drawn slightly in toward your spine and internal and lower abdominal musculature contracted. Lift legs such that hips and knees are bent at a 90 degree angle. Lift arms such that straight up from shoulder at 90 degrees.

(as demonstrated by the lovely ‘CoreFit’ Lacey)


Movement: Extend 1 arm overhead and opposite leg outward, taking the hand and foot away from one another. Maintain abdominal contraction throughout the movement and be sure to keep the back aligned on the floor. Return to start position repeat with alternate arm and leg. Complete 20 repetitions.


Beginner: Extend only the arms overhead one at a time followed by only the legs one at a time. (Please note that the further you extend the leg, the more physically demanding and challenging the exercise-do not go beyond your maximum). When you have become stronger and proficient at this, you may then extend the opposite arm and leg away from one another as above.

Advanced: Do this same movement with your body on the BOSU ball (lower back vs. the Ball).

Watch for a more ‘Athletic’ Core Exercise next week!


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