Love Yourself

With Valentine’s Day kicking things off, this week is all about love, right…?

Consider the following statement by the founder of

“Ask yourself today: What if you didn’t have to change anything about yourself? Or, what if you only made changes based on self-love? Once we stop “fixing” ourselves, we become free to invent lives that inspire and excite us–full lives we can actually enjoy. Imagine the possibilities.”

Make a choice to love yourself. Exercise because you love your body and you want to FEEL good, you want to be strong, you want to be mobile. Eat well because you love to know that you are giving your body the best fuel. Sleep because you love your body’s ability to repair and rejuvinate. Love yourself because others love you and this will only make relationships more fulfilling.

If you love yourself first, the other aspects of your life tend to fall into place a little easier…


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