Getting Back on Track with Nutrition and Exercise

Did you start off 2011 with the usual goals to eat right and exercise more? Have you found yourself off track already? Feeling discouraged?

Remember, you cannot change yesterday, but you can have a positive impact on tomorrow. Monday is a GREAT day to start back at a regular fitness and nutrition plan. Don’t give yourself a reason to make excuses. Here is what you need to do:

-plan your breakfast for the morning: maybe some plain oatmeal with fruit, skim milk and slivered almonds

-be sure you have your water bottle ready to go to work with you in the morning and keep it with you at your work station all day

-pack your bag for the gym now and leave it by the door you use to leave your home in the morning OR plan a power walk in the morning or on your lunch break OR start your day with an am yoga video

–if you don’t have the groceries in the house now that you need for a full week of healthy eating, head out to hit the grocery store

-pack your lunch for tomorrow this evening before you head to bed for the night (maybe a salad with romaine, tuna, sweet pepers, onions and an oil & vinegar dressing-keep your dressing in a small container to add at lunch time)

-take something out of the freezer (if necessary) for tomorrow’s dinner and/or have a plan in mind

Good luck. Remember, lack of planning is often one of the biggest reasons that people fall into the slump of skipping meals, eating on the go and post-poning exercise. Plan ahead for success and a healthier you!


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