Tina’s List of Foods/Drinks to Avoid

5. Alcohol

4. High Sodium Processed Foods (Soups, Microwave Dinners, etc.)

3. Fried Foods (particularly foods that are already fatty then fried…double yuck)

2. Packaged Cookies, Cakes and Chips

1. SODA!!!

Anyone looking to stick to a healthy diet should all but avoid these items, but for those looking to lose weight the above list is a MUST AVOID!

Most of us know that we need to limit these foods but actually doing so is a different story. Keeping a Fitness & Nutrition Journal is a great way to help hold yourself accountable. You’d be suprised by how often you might be sneaking in just ‘little’ tastes of these foods throughout the day and how these extra calories can really add up-in all the wrong ways!




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