A Section from our ‘Lifestyle, Fitness & Nutrition Manual’ coming this week

A Blurb from the Cardio Training Section of ACP Rehab’s ‘LIFESTYLE, FITNESS & NUTRITION MANUAL coming this week:


“Be sure to spend more time on the conditioning aspect. What I mean by this is don’t think you are going to become more fit by floating in the ‘fat burning’ zones all the time. Personally, I wish that cardio equipment manufacturers didn’t program these modes into their machines. If you are always working within the lower end of your training zones, you will not really challenge your heart and lungs, and thus you will not see gains in cardiovascular fitness. If you train at these lower thresholds for at least an hour 3-5 times per week, you may see some weight loss but I believe that you will see better results by maxing out your calorie burn throughout the week. I usually recommend 1 or 2 sessions of these lower threshold endurance activities throughout the week combined with 3-5 sessions at your higher target heart rate.”


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