How Often Should I Stretch?

“How Often Should I Stretch?” This is such a GREAT question that I am asked all the time in my profession. The answer can be difficult as stretching should be such an individual thing to suit your body’s individual needs.

What I can tell you is that you should not waste time doing stretches that you do not feel! One of the biggest complaints that I receive with regards to stretching is that it is hard to find the time to fit it into one’s exercise regime. If this is the case, why would one ever want to was time just going through the motions??? If you are confident with your technique and you are still not really feeling a stretch, it may be because that particular muscle in YOUR body may not be tight. This is not a bad thing! Figure out which muscles are tight on you, and try a couple of different stretches and/or stretching techniques until you find the one(s) that you benefit from most.

Examples of stretching techniques include: static stretching (holding a stretch pose), dynamic stretching (moving through a large range of motion at one or multiple joints in a smooth, controlled pattern), and myofascial release techniques (a deeper technique used to release tension in fascia surrounding the musculature). See the link below for examples of each.


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