ACP Rehab is Moving


To My Valued Clientele and Friends of ACP Rehab:

This letter is to inform you of BIG changes that will be happening in upcoming weeks at ACP Rehab. For some of you the news may come as a bit of a surprise and for many others you will think, “Hmm, I’m not surprised that Tina has decided to go this route…”.

So the news you ask-here it is, drumroll please <insert drumroll here>…

I have officially decided to move my business home-based and this will take effect September 1st of this year!!! What this means is that I will be working solo as the exclusive practitioner from my clinic-studio at my home location. I am very, very excited about this move and I cannot wait to start practicing from my new work location.

As many of you have probably become painfully aware, I came to a point in my business where I was simply wearing too many hats as the business owner, the clinic manager and a full-time practitioner. I felt like I was not being effective in all of these roles as I did not have enough resources to dedicate to each area that needed my attention. I had to make a choice between being a business manager or a practitioner. I simply love what I do, so the choice was obvious for me. I will be making this move in an effort to create better balance in my life and to be the amazing therapist that I know I can be. This will allow me to focus more individual attention on each client to ensure successful rehab and programming, and 100% follow-up in every situation. In addition I will be able to spend more time with my 2 beautiful little boys…the greatest treasures in my life, and my incredible husband. I am also very much looking forward to creating time to read for professional development, to participate in more seminars, workshops and certifications for ongoing training and education and…to enjoy more ‘me time’.

One thing that I have always promoted as being very important to optimal health & wellness is life-work balance-in that order. I feel like I have been a bit of a hypocrite as of late as I offer many of you this advice. This past year in particular has been extremely challenging. Not only have I been filling all the roles mentioned above, (mom, wife, homeowner, business owner, clinic manager, full-time practitioner), I have been a student, a soccer coach, a member of the board of directors of my provincial athletic therapy association, an examiner for our national athletic therapy association, a student mentor, and a member of the program advisory committee for the Athletic Therapy degree program at Sheridan.

My home work space is separate entity from my home space. It is just off Westmount Road (very close to our current location), and the room itself is off the level of the driveway and has its own entrance, own bathroom and all the necessities for me to deliver great services. It is full of natural light, and amazing positive energy-I can’t wait to start practicing there full time. You know that I would love to continue working with each and every one of you as suits your individual needs. I hope to welcome many of you to my new space and to experience the new, more energized, more balanced me ☺ Lacey, Marylou and Jane will all be working from new locations and I look forward to sharing more of their news in the weeks to come.

I have tried to share this in person with as many of you as I was able to connect with before sending this letter out to the masses. Please do not hesitate to call me at the clinic any time or to drop me an email if you have any concerns about this upcoming move and all the change that comes along with it. You are all very special to us in your own unique way. Lacey and I have been so blessed over the years to work with so many incredible people. I really mean that. I could never have dreamed that the last 8 years would have brought so many awesome personalities into my life. Nor could I have ever hoped for all the successes that I have celebrated over the years. It has truly been an inspirational and incredible ride every step of the way. I look forward to sharing new successes and adventures with many of you from my new location.

Thank you so much to all of you for your continued support over the years, your enthusiasm, your vested interest and participation in your health & wellness and for just being you ☺

I wish each of you all the best as I take this next step forward in my professional career…