2 Week Salad a Day Challenge


Join My 2 Week ‘Salad a Day’ Challenge’!


Beginning Monday, October 28th I will begin a 2 Week ‘Salad a Day’ Challenge. My inspiration in hosting this challenge is to help myself and others increase fibre intake, include more raw veggies in our diets, improve regularity, realize the infinite number of salad creations waiting to be made and gobbled up, learn how quick and easy it is to whip up home-made, oil & vinegar based dressings and…to potentially lose a few pounds (perhaps an added bonus!).

Throughout the 2 weeks I will be posting new salad ideas, great dressing recipes and feedback & inspiration from other participants. Everyone will weigh in at the beginning and end and we’ll track progress. At the end of the two weeks what I will be most interested to learn is how difficult or easy each participant found eating a salad every day for lunch or dinner, how they describe things like satiation, food cravings, and energy levels and any changes in body composition. At that time we will share the varied results with all of you!

If you would like to join us please email me at tina@acprehab.ca. Or feel free to also join us ‘unofficially’ by following my CoreFit Blog at www.acprehab.ca.