Athletic Therapists Trained to Help Reduce the Incidence of Catastrophic Injury

With the proper ‘on-site’ management of injury, Athletic Therapists can help prevent a major injury from becoming a catastrophic injury. This video highlights an amazing incidence in the U.S. where an Athletic Trainer is credited for saving an Athlete’s life. Certified Athletic Trainers are present at the majority of high schools across the United States working with their athletes to not only assess sports injuries and pain from the point of injury, but also to recognize the signs and symptoms of life-threatening injuries such as concussions, spinal cord injuries, severe abodminal traumas and significant fractures and bleeds.

ATs are also properly trained in the removal of sports equipment such as helmets and shoulder pads, to protect an injury site and prevent further harm.

Here in Canada our Athletic Therapists must have current First Responder certification at the Health Care Professional level to complete the certifcation exams before earning the title ‘Certified Athletic Therapist. Typically only universities, colleges and private schools in our country have Certified Athletic Therapists on staff. In an ideal world, an AT would be placed at every school…check out the link for an amazing story!





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