Ingest Lemon Water upon Waking to Stimulate Cleansing and Detoxification

Very new studies following cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments are showing how powerful the effects of drinking lemon water can be.

Patients who ingested lemon water upon waking stated no longer tasting the ‘metallic’ taste in their mouths that they had become accustomed to starting each day with.The reason being is that the body does a great deal of its self-detoxification over the evening while you sleep. The lemon water will help flush things through the appropriate systems as well as helping to rehydrate after your restful sleep.

Drinking lemon water upon waking (as in lemon water should be the FIRST THING THAT ENTERS YOUR BODY IN THE MORNING) will stimulate the body’s natural cleansing and detoxifying processes.

Try this: grab a pitcher and fill it with spring water. Add 2 sliced lemons and 2 sliced oranges. Leave in the fridge overnight and enjoy as part of your am routine. Add a 15-20 minute yoga session following this and you will feel rejuvinated in no time!

As soon as the results of this research are published I will be sure to share. Have a great day!


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